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CCC and Morrison Camp in the News

In October, Colorado Public Radio published a new story asking “Is It Time For A 21st-Century Civilian Conservation Corps?” Our answer has always been a resounding “YES!” Reactivating a CCC-style program has long been on the agenda of alumni groups nationwide, and Denver’s Chapter 7 was active in supporting and promoting the concept.

The article by Sam Brasch includes his interview with DMP Ranger Gwen Ganow, who updated him on developments at the Mt. Morrison Camp (SP-13) where DMP is headquartered. Jacob Ware, chief of Elk Creek Fire Protection District near Conifer, provided further thoughts on how a new federal CCC-inspired program of national service could help with fire mitigation in his area.

AmeriCorps NCCC crew working in Red Rocks Park.

Denver Mountain Parks, whose extensive involvement with the 1930s CCC influenced most of its parks, has also continued partnering with organizations that have followed the CCC legacy. Since its inception in 1993, AmeriCorps NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps) teams have worked for Mountain Parks refurbishing historic buildings, thinning forests, building new structures and trails, and even pulling weeds. Locally based Mile High Youth Corps has also been actively involved in DMP projects over the years.

As the alumni groups have been telling us since the 1990s, it’s time to “Bring Back the CCCs”!