About this Site

On these pages, we’re collecting information and stories related to the activities of the CCC in Colorado, the people who served in Colorado camps, and the places where CCC work can still be seen. We hope, in time, this site can become an online museum of sorts, dedicated to remembering the accomplishments of thousands of CCC boys who served in Colorado from 1933 to 1941, and reminding us of the many projects they left to us and future generations.

If you find something here, or if you looked for something you couldn’t find, let us know and we’ll try to help. Use the comments section on every page liberally—we’ll be happy to hear from you and will work to answer your questions as best we can. Of course, we’d be delighted if you have information and stories to share as well!

If you prefer, you can email us directly at milehighchapter7 AT gmail DOT com.

Please Note: For tours of the Mount Morrison CCC Camp, please contact Denver Mountain Parks Ranger Dennis Brown (dennis.brown AT denvergov DOT org, or leave a message at 720.865.0900.)

About Mile High Chapter 7

The National Association of CCC Alumni (NACCCA) was formed in 1978, and as the 50th anniversary of the CCC approached in 1983, chapters sprang up across the country. Mile High Chapter 7 was one of those. From the late 1970s til about 2000, Alumni Chapter 7 met monthly during the summer at Mt. Morrison Camp SP-13-C and met in various restaurants in town during the winter months.

One of Chapter 7’s early projects, for which we are immensely grateful, was the rehabilitation of the Mess Hall and Recreation Hall at the Morrison camp. Their dream was to have, in time, a CCC Museum in the Recreation Hall, fondly known as “Ol’ Wreck.” Mile High Chapter 7 continues to work with Denver Mountain Parks to make this dream a reality. Alumni Chapter 7 members brought CCC memorabilia to the Mt. Morrison camp, where some of it is on display, along with artifacts that have been collected since.

The current reorganized Mile High Chapter 7 was formed in 2009 to recognize and celebrate the history and accomplishments of the Civilian Conservation Corps, and later its alumni, in Colorado, and to assist in identifying, conserving, and interpreting the historic and cultural resources associated with their projects, especially Mt. Morrison CCC Camp SP-13. MHC7 carries on the work of the original alumni, broadening the membership to include nonalums. In 2009, we hosted the national CCC Legacy Gathering, a reunion attended by more than 65 people that October.

  1. My father was a Lt. in the US Army and assigned to CCC duty between 30 Sep 1933 and 26 Mar 1934. A couple of pictures I have states “Camp SP-5-C CCC Co 826 Taken Dec.2, 1933 Boulder, Colo” another picture states “Camp F-24-C Buena Vista, Colo”.

    His name was Clarence E. Jump, my mother was with him.

    I am looking for any information about them and the CCC activities in the area.

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