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CCC Author Bob Audretsch Fundraiser: Can You Help?

CCC author Bob Audretsch recently experienced horrible flooding in his Lakewood, CO, apartment. Many original CCC references were lost, along with furniture and personal items. Bob has set up a Go-Fund-Me account to help him recover

Here’s Bob’s Amazon bio, which summarizes his available books. He recently completed a 2-volume set on Colorado. On the way to press is his book on the CCC in Wyoming. He’s asking a modest amount to help get up and running so he can get the Wyoming book to his publisher. I hope we can all chip in any amount to help him continue to create these important reference books, an asset to genealogists as well as CCC enthusiasts and historians. 

Of course, if you can spread the word, that would also be much appreciated!

If you can, please help!Thank you!!