Demas Atencio

I joined the CCCs and was sent to Company 1848 the summer of 1935. I am proud of having been a member of Company 1848. We had a fine relationship with the community. I am especially proud of having had a part in building the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, a masterful monument that will be there for centuries for people to enjoy.

We did not have power machinery, so all the work was done with pick and shovel. I operated a jackhammer. Sometimes in carving out the side of a cliff, I was suspended by a rope attached to my belt and held by three men. Sometimes it was dangerous but mostly it was hard work and we Colorado boys loved it.

After dinner at 5 p.m., a G.I. truck would pick us up and drop us off in front of the State Capitol and we all scattered out to the movies, dances, meeting girl friends and having fun. The deadline for pickup back to camp was midnight. Well, one night I missed the truck by five minutes and had to walk all the way back to Morrison. It was 15 miles, pitch black, no lights, just open farm land. I got into camp about 6 a.m., just in time for roll call and breakfast and a hard day’s work.

Camp SP-13-C was a meticulous camp, a show place. Many dignitaries came to the camp from Denver and elsewhere.


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