The CCC in Colorado

We’re moving here to expand what we have to offer as resources on CCC camps, companies, and projects in Colorado. Please bear with us as we get this new site up and running, or visit our original blog at Colorado CCC (V 1.0 on blogger), where a record of our previous activities is archived.

With more than 100 camps across the state, Colorado benefitted directly and diversely from efforts of the CCC. We’ve posted a couple stories already, but have many more to come!

Thanks for stopping by; please come again and help us honor the men who created a great CCC legacy here in Colorado.


About mhch7

Named in honor of Alumni Chapter 7, this organization was formed to recognize and celebrate the history and accomplishments of the Civilian Conservation Corps, and later its alumni, in Colorado, and to assist in identifying, conserving, and interpreting the historic and cultural resources associated with their projects, especially Mt. Morrison CCC Camp SP-13.

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  1. Looking for information on the CCC camp seven miles north of Woodland Park (Camp Ewing?)

    • According to the list at CCC legacy, the only camp at Woodland Park was F-14, a Forest Service camp that opened on 6/26/1933 and was used by Co. 1819. See our companies page for a link to more about Colorado camps in 1936. It indicates F-14 was occupied in the first two summer periods, and Co. 1819 returned to Manitou for the winter periods. I’ll get to that whole document to check whether there’s a synopsis of their activities at Woodland Park and get back to you soon.

      Thanks for writing!

      • Sally…thanks so much for the information thus far, and I’m looking forward to hearing any more detail that you might find. In that same site as F-14 is now the Colorado Rockies Bible Camp and Conference/Camp Elim, a Christian youth camp. I lived there for 7 years with my husband as caretakers, but we never knew more than that Camp ‘used to be a CCC camp’. The current lodge has been and is the dining area and some dormitory space. They are getting ready to update and preserve the building. The original old logs are still the main exterior walls and the dark stain (added in more modern times) will be naturally removed and restored more to the original.
        I dream of having a small display area with proper signage and photos of the early CCC camp, if possible. I would love to preserve that part of the area’s history. Any idea of specific projects in that area performed by those men? I’ve always been told that the log/stone shelter down at Manitou Lake was built by the CCC. It still stands and is used.

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